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How this slogan came about

On a business trip to Egypt I got into conversation with my neighbour in the airplane, who, as it later turned out, was an Englishman. He wanted to know what I wanted in Egypt and what my job was.

When I told him that I was planning to buy dried onions in Egypt, he smirked, which annoyed my slightly.
When I asked him why he was smirking and if he thought it was funny to be buying dried onions, he replied;

  You see, in England we have a saying. If someone has a lot of expertise and experience, in other words he knows what he’s talking about, we English say, “HE KNOWS HIS ONIONS”.

This is how the slogan came about. So it doesn’t just mean that we know a lot about dried onions, but that we have experience and know-how, which we are able to talk about with our customers and suppliers.
Reinhard Trocha
Managing Director
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